Regional Studies Ebooks

Modern Palestinian Literature and Culture ebook cover
Sufism and Politics in Morocco: Activism and Dissent ebook cover
Queen Of Sheba ebook cover
Economic Development in the Middle East ebook cover
The Pasha's Bedouin: Tribes and State in the Egypt of Mehemet Ali, 1805-1848 ebook cover
The City's Hinterland: Dynamism and Divergence in Europe's Peri-Urban Territories ebook cover
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International Relations of Asia ebook cover
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The Canadian General Election of 1997 ebook cover
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The Territorial Organization of Variety ebook cover
Victims as Security Threats: Refugee Impact on Host State Security in Africa ebook cover
Being Human in Islam: The Impact of the Evolutionary Worldview ebook cover
The Moral Economy of the Madrasa: Islam and Education Today ebook cover
The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Parallel Discourses ebook cover
New Perspectives on Safavid Iran: Empire and Society ebook cover
The Ashgate Research Companion to Regionalisms ebook cover
Gender in Contemporary Iran ebook cover
Arab Minority Nationalism in Israel: The Politics of Indigeneity ebook cover
The Political Economy of Putin's Russia ebook cover
Routledge Handbook of Political Islam ebook cover
Asiatic Russia ebook cover
Gnostic Apocalypse and Islam ebook cover
Islam in Global Politics ebook cover
City of Knowledge in Twentieth Century Iran ebook cover