Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems Ebooks

Land Resources Monitoring, Modeling, and Mapping with Remote Sensing ebook cover
Practical Handbook of Remote Sensing ebook cover
Remote Sensing Image Fusion: A Practical Guide ebook cover
Strategic GIS Planning and Management in Local Government ebook cover
Hydrologic Remote Sensing: Capacity Building for Sustainability and Resilience ebook cover
Spectral Methods in Geodesy and Geophysics ebook cover
Satellite Altimetry Over Oceans and Land Surfaces ebook cover
Geospatial Data Science Techniques and Applications ebook cover
World Spatial Metadata Standards ebook cover
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An Introduction to Contemporary Remote Sensing ebook cover
$101.35 $108.00
Physical Principles of Remote Sensing ebook cover
Cartography: Visualization of Spatial Data ebook cover
Optical Radiometry for Ocean Climate Measurements ebook cover
$200.95 $215.00
Land Cover Changes and Their Relationship with Land Surface Temperature Using Remote Sensing Technique ebook cover
Uncertainty Modelling and Quality Control for Spatial Data ebook cover
Microwave Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces: Techniques and Methods ebook cover
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Land Surface Remote Sensing: Environment and Risks ebook cover
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Remote Sensing for Sustainability ebook cover
Remote Sensing Techniques and GIS Applications in Earth and Environmental Studies ebook cover
Remote Sensing of Hydrometeorological Hazards ebook cover
Sensor Technology Handbook ebook cover
RFID Explained: A Primer on Radio Frequency Identification Technologies ebook cover
Intelligent Sensor Design Using the Microchip dsPIC ebook cover
Building the European Capacity in Operational Oceanography ebook cover
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