Renaissance Ebooks

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Cooking and Eating in Renaissance Italy: From Kitchen to Table ebook cover
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The Clock and the Mirror: Girolamo Cardano and Renaissance Medicine ebook cover
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Poison's Dark Works in Renaissance England ebook cover
$65.60 $82.99
The English Reformation 1530 - 1570 ebook cover
Ars et Ingenium: The Embodiment of Imagination in Francesco di Giorgio Martini's Drawings ebook cover
The Renaissance World ebook cover
The Roman Inquisition: Trying Galileo ebook cover
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Machiavelli Goes to the Movies: Understanding The Prince through Television and Film ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
The Lives of the Popes and Emperors ebook cover
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy ebook cover
$3.49 $3.99
Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies on Spain and Portugal in Honour of P. E. Russell (P.Back Repr) ebook cover
$11.25 $12.50
The Americas in the Spanish World Order ebook cover
Francois Hotman: A Revolutionary's Ordeal ebook cover
Ideology, Reason, and the Limitation of War: Religious and Secular Concepts, 1200-1740 ebook cover
Household and Lineage in Renaissance Florence ebook cover
The Language of History in the Renaissance ebook cover
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Power and Imagination: City-States in Renaissance Italy ebook cover
$7.45 $9.99
Mary Queen of Scots in History ebook cover
$3.49 $3.99
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Shakespeare the Man: New Decipherings ebook cover
$35.95 $44.99
Against War ebook cover
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Echoes of Aquinas in Cusanus's Vision of Man ebook cover
$71.00 $89.99
Colonization and the Origins of Humanitarian Governance ebook cover
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Irish Witchcraft and Demonology ebook cover
$4.11 $4.99
History of King Charles II of England ebook cover
$3.49 $3.99