Renaissance Ebooks

The Immaterial Book: Reading and Romance in Early Modern England ebook cover
Ideas&Ideals North Euro Renais ebook cover
The Deeds of Commander Pietro Mocenigo in Three Books ebook cover
The European Renaissance 1400-1600 ebook cover
Disknowledge: Literature, Alchemy, and the End of Humanism in Renaissance England ebook cover
Social Change and Continuity: England 1550-1750 ebook cover
The Historical Revolution (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
The African City ebook cover
Fencing: A Renaissance Treatise ebook cover
Sociology of the Renaissance ebook cover
The Business of the Roman Inquisition in the Early Modern Era ebook cover
Queens Consort, Cultural Transfer and European Politics, c.1500-1800 ebook cover
Empire, Politics and the Creation of the 1935 India Act: Last Act of the Raj ebook cover
Nicholas of Cusa - A Companion to his Life and his Times ebook cover
Collaborative Translation and Multi-Version Texts in Early Modern Europe ebook cover
Renaissance Truths: Humanism, Scholasticism and the Search for the Perfect Language ebook cover
Reading and Writing History from Bruni to Windschuttle: Essays in Honour of Gary Ianziti ebook cover
Elite Matrons as Founders of Religious Institutions ebook cover
The Pious Act of an Impious Woman ebook cover
A Monster's Plea ebook cover
Preaching in a Poor Space ebook cover
"Un Monsignore troppo abbondo contro le monache": Alfonso Paleotti Meets His Match ebook cover
Colonial Botany: Science, Commerce, and Politics in the Early Modern World ebook cover
A Short History of Ireland ebook cover
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