Renaissance Ebooks

Only One Thing in Life Is Constant-Change. Or, Rise, Fall, and Disappearance of Empires and Powerful Countries. ebook cover
The Third Reign of Louis XIV, c.1682-1715 ebook cover
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Power and Imagination: City-States in Renaissance Italy ebook cover
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Mary Queen of Scots in History ebook cover
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Shakespeare the Man: New Decipherings ebook cover
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Against War ebook cover
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Echoes of Aquinas in Cusanus's Vision of Man ebook cover
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Elizabethan Parliaments 1559-1601 ebook cover
The Longman Companion to Renaissance Europe, 1390-1530 ebook cover
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Poison's Dark Works in Renaissance England ebook cover
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The Image of Restoration Science ebook cover
The English Reformation 1530 - 1570 ebook cover
Milton's Italy ebook cover
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Music at the Gonzaga Court in Mantua ebook cover
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The Roman Inquisition: A Papal Bureaucracy and Its Laws in the Age of Galileo ebook cover
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The Medici Bank: Its Organization, Management, Operations, and Decline ebook cover
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Censorship and Cultural Sensibility: The Regulation of Language in Tudor-Stuart England ebook cover
1835: The Founding of Melbourne & the Conquest of Australia ebook cover
Alchemical Poetry, 1575-1700: From Previously Unpublished Manuscripts ebook cover
Giordano Bruno: His Life, Thought, and Martyrdom ebook cover
John Dee's Natural Philosophy: Between Science and Religion ebook cover
John Dee's Actions with Spirits (Volumes 1 and 2): 22 December 1581 to 23 May 1583 ebook cover
The Secret Tradition in Alchemy: Its Development and Records ebook cover
Between Worlds: Dybbuks, Exorcists, and Early Modern Judaism ebook cover