Research Ebooks

Addressing Pupil's Behaviour: Responses at District, School and Individual Levels ebook cover
Inclusion and Behaviour Management in Schools: Issues and Challenges ebook cover
Ethical Issues in Literacy Research ebook cover
The Management of Student Teachers' Learning ebook cover
International Perspectives on Teaching Excellence in Higher Education ebook cover
Teacher Preparation as an Inspirational Practice: Building Capacities for Responsiveness ebook cover
Re-Evaluating Education in Japan and Korea: De-mystifying Stereotypes ebook cover
Reframing Educational Research: Resisting the 'what works' agenda ebook cover
The Social Politics of Research Collaboration ebook cover
Single Case Research in Schools: Practical Guidelines for School-Based Professionals ebook cover
Overcoming Disadvantage in Education ebook cover
New Methods of Literacy Research ebook cover
Critical Ethnography in Educational Research: A Theoretical and Practical Guide ebook cover
Assessing quality in applied and practice-based research in education ebook cover
The Future of Learning Design ebook cover
Comparative Inquiry and Educational Policy Making ebook cover
Teachers Who Teach Teachers: Reflections On Teacher Education ebook cover
Researching the Art of Teaching: Ethnography for Educational Use ebook cover
Coaching and Mentoring First-Year and Student Teachers ebook cover
Professional Development: What Works ebook cover
Professional Learning in the Digital Age: The Educator's Guide to User-Generated Learning ebook cover
Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Comparative Study ebook cover
Arts-Based Research in Education: Foundations for Practice ebook cover
Building the State: Architecture, Politics, and State Formation in Postwar Central Europe ebook cover