Research Ebooks

Dewey and Eros: Wisdom and Desire in the Art of Teaching ebook cover
Timeless Teachers and Ethical Visions: Human Development and Educational Policy ebook cover
Discrete Mathematics for Teachers ebook cover
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Respect for Teachers ebook cover
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Feminisms and Educational Research ebook cover
$21.00 $25.99
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Professional Development Schools: Researching Lessons From the Field ebook cover
$59.40 $74.99
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Creating Brain-friendly Classrooms: Practical Instructional Strategies for Education ebook cover
$26.50 $32.99
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Who's the New Kid in Chemistry?: Exploring Uncharted Waters ebook cover
$65.60 $82.99
Contemporary Perspectives on Research in Theory of Mind in Early Childhood Education ebook cover
Enacted Mathematics Curriculum: A Conceptual Framework and Research Needs ebook cover
Evaluating the Undergraduate Research Experience ebook cover
Educating about Social Issues in the 20th and 21st Centuries Vol. 3 ebook cover
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Project-Based Learning Tasks for Common Core State Standards, Grades 6 - 8 ebook cover
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Inside Stories: Qualitative Research Reflections ebook cover
Divorce, Family Structure, and the Academic Success of Children ebook cover
Using National Data Bases in Educational Research ebook cover
Doing Research/Reading Research: Re-Interrogating Education ebook cover
Teachers Investigate Their Work ebook cover
Teacher Education through Active Engagement: Raising the professional voice ebook cover
Research and Education ebook cover
Becoming a Student of Teaching: Linking Knowledge Production and Practice ebook cover
Liberating The Learner: Lessons for Professional Development in Education ebook cover
Ethics and Academic Freedom in Educational Research ebook cover
Children as Citizens: Engaging with the child's voice in educational settings ebook cover