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Reviving the Living: Meaning Making in Living Systems ebook cover
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Otherwise Law-Abiding Citizens: A Scientific and Moral Assessment of Cannabis Use ebook cover
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Surveying Cultures: Discovering Shared Conceptions and Sentiments ebook cover
The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood ebook cover
International Focus Group Research ebook cover
Designing and Conducting Your First Interview Project ebook cover
Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research, Third Edition ebook cover
Introduction to Information Literacy for Students ebook cover
Designing and Constructing Instruments for Social Research and Evaluation ebook cover
Online Surveys For Dummies ebook cover
Research Methods in Social Relations ebook cover
Social Darwinism in American Thought ebook cover
Designing and Conducting Survey Research: A Comprehensive Guide ebook cover
Nonresponse in Household Interview Surveys ebook cover
Internet, Phone, Mail, and Mixed-Mode Surveys: The Tailored Design Method ebook cover
Social Media, Sociality, and Survey Research ebook cover
Qualitative Research: An Introduction to Methods and Designs ebook cover
Quantitative Data Analysis: Doing Social Research to Test Ideas ebook cover
Research Methods for Everyday Life: Blending Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches ebook cover
Change of Heart: Unraveling the Mysteries of Cardiovascular Disease ebook cover
Categorical Statistics for Communication Research ebook cover
Understanding and Evaluating Research in Applied and Clinical Settings ebook cover
Managing Social Research: A Practical Guide ebook cover
Handbook of Research in Social Studies Education ebook cover