Research & Methodology Ebooks

Poetry as Method: Reporting Research Through Verse ebook cover
Phenomenology of Practice ebook cover
Pedagogy of Solidarity ebook cover
Global Dimensions of Qualitative Inquiry ebook cover
Essentials of Qualitative Inquiry ebook cover
Duoethnography: Dialogic Methods for Social, Health, and Educational Research ebook cover
A Cross Section of Educational Research: Journal Articles for Discussion and Evaluation ebook cover
Statistics with a Sense of Humor: A Humorous Workbook & Guide to Study Skills ebook cover
Elements of Inquiry: A Guide for Consumers and Producers of Research ebook cover
Classroom Assessment: A Practical Guide for Educators ebook cover
Educational and Psychological Research ebook cover
Statistical Tricks and Traps: An Illustrated Guide to the Misuses of Statistics ebook cover
Dr. Laurie's Introduction to Statistical Methods ebook cover
Preparing Literature Reviews: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches ebook cover
Social Science Research: A Cross Section of Journal Articles for Discussion & Evaluation ebook cover
Fundamentals of Descriptive Statistics ebook cover
Comprehending Test Manuals: A Guide and Workbook ebook cover
Launching a Successful Research Program at a Teaching University ebook cover
Practical Problems in Research Methods: A Casebook with Questions for Discussion ebook cover
Writing with Clarity and Style: A Guide to Rhetorical Devices for Contemporary Writers ebook cover
Success at Statistics: A Worktext with Humor ebook cover
A Comparison of Two Approaches of Symbolic Modeling and Self-Efficacy ebook cover
Reframing the Attitude-Behavior Debate ebook cover
The Handbook of International Psychology ebook cover