Research & Methodology Ebooks

Statistics: The Essentials for Research ebook cover
Behavioural and Mental Health Research: A Handbook of Skills and Methods ebook cover
Philosophical and Foundational Issues in Measurement Theory ebook cover
Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences ebook cover
What Works with Children and Adolescents? ebook cover
Contemporary Issues in Exploratory Data Mining in the Behavioral Sciences ebook cover
Publish and Prosper: A Strategy Guide for Students and Researchers ebook cover
Visual Revelations ebook cover
Personality Topics in Honor of Jerry S. Wiggins ebook cover
What If There Were No Significance Tests? ebook cover
Advanced Structural Equation Modeling: Issues and Techniques ebook cover
Piaget Vygotsky: The Social Genesis Of Thought ebook cover
A First Course in Factor Analysis ebook cover
Factor Analysis: An Applied Approach ebook cover
Writing in Psychology ebook cover
New Approaches in Reasoning Research ebook cover
Ability (Psychology Revivals): A Psychological Study ebook cover
Handbook for Teaching Statistics and Research Methods ebook cover
How to Find Out in Psychology: A Guide to the Literature and Methods of Research ebook cover
A Laboratory Introduction to Psychology ebook cover
Reading Acquisition and Developmental Dyslexia ebook cover
Impact Techniques for Therapists ebook cover
The Handbook of International Psychology ebook cover
Intelligence and Personality: Bridging the Gap in Theory and Measurement ebook cover