Research & Methodology Ebooks

International Review of Cytology: Volume 147 ebook cover
International Review of Cytology: A Survey of Cell Biology ebook cover
International Review of Cytology: A Survey of Cell Biology ebook cover
Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy ebook cover
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Science: The Endless Frontier ebook cover
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Writing Human Factors Research Papers: A Guidebook ebook cover
International Review of Cytology ebook cover
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Literature Search Strategies for Interdisciplinary Research ebook cover
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Cell Culture ebook cover
Program Theory-Driven Evaluation Science: Strategies and Applications ebook cover
Understanding Research: Coping with the Quantitative - Qualitative Divide ebook cover
International Handbook of Survey Methodology ebook cover
Statistical Deception at Work ebook cover
Academic Search Engines: A Quantitative Outlook ebook cover
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Rapid Qualitative Inquiry: A Field Guide to Team-Based Assessment ebook cover
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Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Investigations of Biological Systems by Using Spin Labels, Spin Probes, and Intrinsic Metal Ions Part A ebook cover
The Research Companion ebook cover
Web Indicators for Research Evaluation: A Practical Guide ebook cover
Analyzing the Role of Citizen Science in Modern Research ebook cover
Time and Methods in Environmental Interfaces Modelling: Personal Insights ebook cover
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Max Weber's Comparative-Historical Sociology Today ebook cover
Neural Data Science: A Primer with MATLAB® and Python ebook cover
Molecular Characterization of Autophagic Responses Part B ebook cover
Psychology Led Astray: Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy ebook cover