Rhetoric Ebooks

The Anatomy of Language: Saying What We Mean ebook cover
The Ethics of Rhetoric ebook cover
The Monstrous Discourse in the Donald Trump Campaign: Implications for National Discourse ebook cover
$63.30 $85.50
Racial Worldmaking: The Power of Popular Fiction ebook cover
Commonplaces of Scientific Evidence in Environmental Discourses ebook cover
Readings in Writing Courses: Re-Placing Literature in Composition ebook cover
Rhetoric, Cultural Studies, and Literacy ebook cover
Reconceiving Writing, Rethinking Writing Instruction ebook cover
The Language of Science ebook cover
Composition Studies 41.2 (Fall 2013) ebook cover
The Science of Writing: Theories, Methods, Individual Differences and Applications ebook cover
A Teacher's Guide to Using the Common Core State Standards with Gifted and Advanced Learners in the English/Language Arts ebook cover
$23.55 $24.99
Topic-Driven Environmental Rhetoric ebook cover
The Neuroscience of Multimodal Persuasive Messages: Persuading the Brain ebook cover
James Farmer Jr.: The Great Debater ebook cover
$59.70 $80.50
Persuasion in Society ebook cover
Similes, Puns and Counterfactuals in Literary Narrative: Visible Figures ebook cover
Public Relations, Cooperation, and Justice: From Evolutionary Biology to Ethics ebook cover
The Rhetoric of Mao Zedong: Transforming China and Its People ebook cover
$38.20 $49.99
Logos without Rhetoric: The Arts of Language before Plato ebook cover
$35.30 $49.99
New Rhetoric, The: A Treatise on Argumentation ebook cover
Professional Communication and Network Interaction: A Rhetorical and Ethical Approach ebook cover
Rhetorical Public Speaking: Civic Engagement in the Digital Age ebook cover
American Political Discourse on China ebook cover