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RULING the ELITE uniquely asserts that political Parties have taken control of the government of the United States from the ordinary People and use it to benefit themselves and their supporters. The book reveals these Parties to be the Twenty First Century version of the Ruling Elites who have eternally sought to dominate all ordinary citizens, in all places and at all times. This situation is less about the specific efforts taken to come to this point and more about the basic nature of humankind. The current conditions of concentrated power that reduce the Rights of individuals and the states are the result of the nature of people and were anticipated by America’s Founders. The nation’s original government allowed ordinary People to flourish at levels unsurpassed in human history. But the United States has changed. The Parties have reduced the separation of powers, ignored other parts of the Constitution, and expanded government substantially, reducing freedom and opportunity for ordinary Americans. Today, a relatively few in the major political Parties have become a new “Ruling Elite” that usurps freedom and opportunity from the ordinary People; this is an age old story for the world, but a newer issue in America and in the democracies it has spawned. RULING the ELITE details a plan to move the Power from the Parties to the People. It begins with a dedication that reads “To ordinary People everywhere who have preceded us and will follow us in the eternal pursuit of Freedom.” That dedication recognizes the memorable line that “The hounds of Tyranny will always nip at the heels of Liberty”. The naturally occurring desire for power and control in a few results in an unending attack on the Freedom of the many ordinary People, both externally and internally, to whatever boundary is erected. While the many focus inwardly and seek happiness and security for their family and friends through their own work, they exist in a world of predatory hounds that seek happiness in pursuing them and acquire security in taking property and control from them. Tyranny is the end game where the property of the many exists for the benefit of the hounds and for the other beasts that enable and support them. RULING the ELITE takes a bold look and says what must be said. The rise of democracy created speed bumps on the road to serfdom and the Parties are the agile vehicle of choice for the Tyrants. This book makes the case that the Founders understood both the spirit of domination that possesses some few, and the timeless natures of ordinary People and their Ruling Elite adversary. The Founders were Englishmen living abroad and were prepared for external attack from the Native Americans and French, but not from the royal’s use of government in an internal attack on their freedom. They worked hard to develop a system of governance that would resist this sort of internal attack which would come again. The Declaration of Independence, announced their purpose then and is our instruction now: “whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends,” Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.” With this premise in mind, the book strikes out to review the Founding documents against the current activities of the Parties and then to develop a plan for ordinary People to reclaim their Freedom peacefully. All sections of the Documents are put into words and context that an ordinary citizen can understand, and a complete copy of each of the documents is included in the appendices for reference. The proposed plan of action is focused on the next few elections, but there is also a backup plan offered in case this primary plan does not work. An analogy from the author helps clarify the general point that the book makes evident: Mother lions are known for their deep caring about their cubs; political Parties care about The People the way a mother lion cares about its dinner.

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Ruling the Elite