Russia & The Former Soviet Union Ebooks

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Bondarchuk's War and Peace: Literary Classic to Soviet Cinematic Epic ebook cover
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The Muslim Question and Russian Imperial Governance ebook cover
$45.15 $59.99
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From Peasant to Patriarch ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
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The Burning Bush: Writings on Jews and Judaism ebook cover
$27.40 $38.99
Who's Who in Russia since 1900 ebook cover
The Soviet Arctic ebook cover
Kazakhstan - Ethnicity, Language and Power ebook cover
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Musical Cultures in Seventeenth-Century Russia ebook cover
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Intellectuals and the Communist Idea ebook cover
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Chernobyl: Crime without Punishment ebook cover
$68.25 $89.95
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The Armageddon Letters: Kennedy, Khrushchev, Castro in the Cuban Missile Crisis ebook cover
$21.80 $26.99
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When Pigs Could Fly and Bears Could Dance: A History of the Soviet Circus ebook cover
$18.00 $21.95
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Historical Dictionary of Moldova ebook cover
$97.85 $124.99
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Russian and Soviet History: From the Time of Troubles to the Collapse of the Soviet Union ebook cover
$36.75 $45.99
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Marketing Literature and Posthumous Legacies ebook cover
$78.70 $99.99
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Sad and Luminous Days: Cuba's Struggle with the Superpowers after the Missile Crisis ebook cover
$28.10 $34.99
Popular Television in Eastern Europe During and Since Socialism ebook cover
Russian Constitutionalism: Historical and Contemporary Development ebook cover
Islamic Peoples Of The Soviet Un ebook cover
Power and Policy in Putin's Russia ebook cover
Russia's Wars of Emergence 1460-1730 ebook cover
Reflections on 1989 in Eastern Europe ebook cover
Small Comrades: Revolutionizing Childhood in Soviet Russia, 1917-1932 ebook cover
War and Revolution in the Caucasus: Georgia Ablaze ebook cover