Russia & The Former Soviet Union Ebooks

A Discourse Analysis of Corruption ebook cover
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Noike ebook cover
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Russia at the Barricades ebook cover
Rediscovering Russia in Asia ebook cover
Becoming a Romanov. Grand Duchess Elena of Russia and her World (1807-1873) ebook cover
Oil Imperialism: The International Struggle for Petroleum ebook cover
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The Soviet Union and the Horn of Africa during the Cold War ebook cover
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Dynamic Dtente: The United States and Europe, 1964-1975 ebook cover
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The Empress of Art: Catherine the Great and the Transformation of Russia ebook cover
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Legacies of Totalitarian Language in the Discourse Culture of the Post-Totalitarian Era ebook cover
$65.85 $89.00
After Stalingrad: Seven Years as a Soviet Prisoner of War ebook cover
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Iran Under Allied Occupation In World War II: The Bridge to Victory & A Land of Famine ebook cover
$80.20 $109.00
Allied Intervention in Russia 1918-1919: And the Part Played by Canada ebook cover
War & Revolution in Asiatic Russia ebook cover
The Republic of the Ushakovka ebook cover
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Stalinism Reloaded: Everyday Life in Stalin-City, Hungary ebook cover
$24.95 $34.99
The White Generals: An Account of the White Movement and the Russian Civil War ebook cover
New Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Gda?sk, Poland and Prussia ebook cover
Warped Mourning: Stories of the Undead in the Land of the Unburied ebook cover
$23.00 $25.95
The Kurillian Knot: A History of Japanese-Russian Border Negotiations ebook cover
The Territories of the Russian Federation 2017 ebook cover
The Chronicle of Prussia by Nicolaus von Jeroschin ebook cover
The Great Power (mis)Management ebook cover
Building Democracy and Civil Society East of the Elbe ebook cover