Russia & The Former Soviet Union Ebooks

Putin's Russia: Life in a Failing Democracy ebook cover
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Sacred Stories ebook cover
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Post-Soviet Civil Society: Democratization in Russia and the Baltic States ebook cover
The Origins of the Slavic Nations ebook cover
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Rise and Fall of Communism in Russia ebook cover
$42.40 $50.00
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Political Symbols in Russian History: Church, State, and the Quest for Order and Justice ebook cover
$30.85 $37.99
Making The (Right) Connections: A Cautionary Account Of WMD Intelligence ebook cover
The Political Economy of Peacebuilding in Post-Dayton Bosnia ebook cover
Political Elites and the New Russia: The Power Basis of Yeltsin's and Putin's Regimes ebook cover
Revolutionary Passage: From Soviet To Post-Soviet Russia ebook cover
$27.30 $30.95
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Historical Dictionary of the Russian Federation ebook cover
$135.75 $173.00
Russia and the Cult of State Security ebook cover
The Color Revolutions ebook cover
Religion and Jewish Identity in the Soviet Union, 1941-1964 ebook cover
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A History of Women in Russia: From Earliest Times to the Present ebook cover
$19.40 $24.99
Sacrifice on the Steppe: The Italian Alpine Corps in the Stalingrad Campaign, 1942-1943 ebook cover
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Scattered: The Forced Relocation of Poland's Ukrainians after World War II ebook cover
$15.00 $17.95
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The Socialist Sixties: Crossing Borders in the Second World ebook cover
$23.15 $29.99
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Historical Dictionary of Ukraine ebook cover
$141.80 $181.00
T-34 in Action ebook cover
$5.23 $5.99
Atlas of the Ethno-Political History of the Caucasus ebook cover
The Leningrad Blockade, 1941-1944: A New Documentary History from the Soviet Archives ebook cover
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A Cavalryman in the Crimea: The Letters of Temple Godman, 5th Dragoon Guards ebook cover
$6.50 $7.99
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Raglan: From the Peninsula to the Crimea ebook cover
$10.85 $12.99