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The book “Search for the Great Truths” presents a collection of philosophical essays on the history of paradigms and ideas. The essays reflect the history of ideas and paradigms in the search for the Great Truths from times as early as the ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy and Zen-Buddhism up to the most modern fields of science, such as quantum physics, synergetics, chaos theory, fractal geometry, cosmology and other integral spheres of knowledge. The essays represent an attempt to follow, along the time-vertical, the changes in and the continuity of opposite paradigms, and disclose the archetypical structures in these changes, as well as the unvarying time-independent elements. The second important aspect of the studies pursued in the present essays is to unveil the synchronous appearance inside the same time-horizontal of ideas and paradigms characteristic of a certain period in various spheres of human spiritual activities, such as science, humanities, myths and religions of various peoples, as well as various branches of the fine arts: literature, painting, music, architecture (in East and West). The author strives to detect the structural isomorphism, the inner similarity of ideas and paradigms, which syncretically form a unified cultural stratum of a certain period. The essays place particular importance on the assertion that the science of our day has come to the conviction and proofs of the existence of a non-material, spiritual world, of a sovereign existence of both the spiritual and material worlds, both being mutually complementary, opposing halves of the Great Truths. It is also shown in the essays, that acceptance of only half of the Great Truths leads such “only truths” into erroneous blind alleys, into the trap of the “only right” belief. Such “only truths”, without a complementary opposite, is only a half-truth, which provides a fertile ground for crippling dogmatism, sectarianism, fanaticism and totalitarian ideology. The book contains 92 essays, all united by the leitmotif of the search for the Great Truths. Each essay is self-contained and may be read independently of the others, which accounts for and explains certain repetitions occurring in them, aimed at relieving the reader from looking into previous chapters. In accordance with the author’s view on the importance and richness in content of visual information, in preference to that of the printed word, the book of essays is amply illustrated, presenting 147 illustrations, half of them coloured. The book presents the results of seven years of creative work, and it is based on extensive studies of a broad range of literature, partly quoted in over 200 references. The book represents the subjective views of the author on the world and the happenings therein, based on experience gained in the course of quite a number of decades in scientific research and in studies in the philosophy of science. The book is addressed to a wide circle of readers interested in modern fundamental philosophical problems about Nature and the human Spirit.

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Search for the Great Truths