Semantics Ebooks

Central and Eastern Europe After Transition: Towards a New Socio-legal Semantics ebook cover
Modality and Propositional Attitudes ebook cover
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Around the World in 80 Cliches: Overused Expressions from Across the Globe ebook cover
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Word Meaning and Belief ebook cover
Acquisition of Romance Languages ebook cover
Semantic Fields in Sign Languages: Colour, Kinship and Quantification ebook cover
Pragmatic Markers in British English ebook cover
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English, The Aussie Way ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
The Routledge Handbook of Semantics ebook cover
Tense and Aspect in Han Period Chinese: A Linguistic Analysis of the 'Shij¬' ebook cover
Linguistic Profiles: Going from Form to Meaning via Statistics ebook cover
Greek Interjections: Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics ebook cover
Library User Metaphors and Services: How Librarians look at their Users ebook cover
Adverbial Clauses in Cross-Linguistic Perspective ebook cover
Realms of Meaning: An Introduction to Semantics ebook cover
The Expression of Predicative Possession ebook cover
Meanings and Prototypes (RLE Linguistics B ebook cover
On Shell Structure ebook cover
Typological Studies: Word Order and Relative Clauses ebook cover
Toward Logical Form: An Exploration of the Role of Syntax in Semantics ebook cover
Film Discourse Interpretation: Towards a New Paradigm for Multimodal Film Analysis ebook cover
The Acquisition of Syntax: Studies in Comparative Developmental Linguistics ebook cover
Language and Communication ebook cover
The Language Parallax: Linguistic Relativism and Poetic Indeterminacy ebook cover