Semiotics & Theory Ebooks

Transferential Poetics, from Poe to Warhol ebook cover
Benjamin's Passages: Dreaming, Awakening ebook cover
The Historical Uncanny: Disability, Ethnicity, and the Politics of Holocaust Memory ebook cover
Intoxication ebook cover
The Weight of Love: Affect, Ecstasy, and Union in the Theology of Bonaventure ebook cover
Thinking Allegory Otherwise ebook cover
Between Philosophy and Literature: Bakhtin and the Question of the Subject ebook cover
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The Mark of Theory: Inscriptive Figures, Poststructuralist Prehistories ebook cover
Semiotics: The Basics ebook cover
Mimesis in a Cognitive Perspective: Mallarme, Flaubert, and Eminescu ebook cover
Memory, Metaphors, and Meaning: Processing Ideas ebook cover
Victoria Welby and the Science of Signs: Significs, Semiotics, Philosophy of Language ebook cover
Reading Orientalism: Said and the Unsaid ebook cover
Fueling Culture: 101 Words for Energy and Environment ebook cover
Autobiography: Toward a Poetics of Experience ebook cover
Resistance of the Sensible World: An Introduction to Merleau-Ponty ebook cover
The Writing of Spirit: Soul, System, and the Roots of Language Science ebook cover
Kant on the Frontier: Philosophy, Politics, and the Ends of the Earth ebook cover
Decreation and the Ethical Bind: Simone Weil and the Claim of the Other ebook cover
Questions of Phenomenology: Language, Alterity, Temporality, Finitude ebook cover
The Future Life of Trauma: Partitions, Borders, Repetition ebook cover
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Plain Text: The Poetics of Computation ebook cover
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In Defense of Reading ebook cover
$31.65 $38.99
The Nature of Literary Response: Five Readers Reading ebook cover