Sensors Ebooks

Detection and Intelligent Systems for Homeland Security ebook cover
Handbook on Array Processing and Sensor Networks ebook cover
Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems ebook cover
$132.80 $153.00
Security and Trends in Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform Tags ebook cover
$180.55 $190.00
Surviving Orbit the DIY Way: Testing the Limits Your Satellite Can and Must Match ebook cover
Make: Wearable Electronics: Design, prototype, and wear your own interactive garments ebook cover
$12.95 $14.99
Getting Started with Sensors ebook cover
$14.60 $16.99
Make ebook cover
$12.80 $14.50
Make: Volume 43: Wearables ebook cover
$7.95 $8.99
Mems-Based Integrated Navigation ebook cover
$113.80 $131.00
Advanced RFID Systems, Security, and Applications ebook cover
$180.55 $190.00
Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket: 15 Projects with the Low-Cost AVR ATtiny85 Board ebook cover
$17.10 $19.99
RFID Design Fundamentals and Applications ebook cover
$116.05 $121.95
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Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 36: All About Boards ebook cover
$8.41 $9.99
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Make: AVR Programming: Learning to Write Software for Hardware ebook cover
$25.45 $29.99
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Make: Basic Arduino Projects: 26 Experiments with Microcontrollers and Electronics ebook cover
$8.41 $9.99
Applications, Challenges, and Advancements in Electromyography Signal Processing ebook cover
$220.55 $235.00
Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks: Applications, Architectures, and Challenges ebook cover
$223.20 $235.00
Wireless Sensor Networks for Healthcare Applications ebook cover
$104.25 $120.00
Human Olfactory Displays and Interfaces: Odor Sensing and Presentation ebook cover
$185.30 $195.00
Solid State Chemical Sensors ebook cover
$68.45 $72.95
Applications of Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Microbalances ebook cover
$87.65 $93.95
Make: Getting Started with Arduino: The Open Source Electronics Prototyping Platform ebook cover
$11.50 $12.99
Waveform Design for Active Sensing Systems ebook cover
$95.55 $100.00