Set Theory Ebooks

A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics, Fourth Edition ebook cover
Essentials of Mathematical Thinking ebook cover
Strange Functions in Real Analysis, Third Edition ebook cover
An Ontological and Epistemological Perspective of Fuzzy Set Theory ebook cover
$209.85 $225.00
Introduction to Set Theory, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded ebook cover
Algebraic Computability and Enumeration Models ebook cover
Problem Solving and Uncertainty Modeling through Optimization and Soft Computing Applications ebook cover
The Truth Value Algebra of Type-2 Fuzzy Sets ebook cover
Handbook of Research on Generalized and Hybrid Set Structures and Applications for Soft Computing ebook cover
$356.05 $375.00
Readings in Fuzzy Sets for Intelligent Systems ebook cover
Essentials of Elementary School Mathematics ebook cover
Sets and Extensions in the Twentieth Century ebook cover
$250.10 $270.00
Logical, Algebraic, Analytic and Probabilistic Aspects of Triangular Norms ebook cover
$200.95 $215.00
Nonmeasurable Sets and Functions ebook cover
$178.45 $190.00
Almost Free Modules: Set-theoretic Methods ebook cover