Signals & Signal Processing Ebooks

Acoustic Particle Velocity Measurements Using Laser ebook cover
Time-Frequency Analysis ebook cover
Wavelets and their Applications ebook cover
Digital Filters Design for Signal and Image Processing ebook cover
Two-dimensional Signal Analysis ebook cover
Information Fusion in Signal and Image Processing ebook cover
Multimedia Multicast on the Internet ebook cover
Discrete Stochastic Processes and Optimal Filtering ebook cover
Digital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB ebook cover
Optimisation in Signal and Image Processing ebook cover
Spectral Analysis: Parametric and Non-Parametric Digital Methods ebook cover
Mathematical Morphology ebook cover
Weak Signals for Strategic Intelligence: Anticipation Tool for Managers ebook cover
Tools for Signal Compression: Applications to Speech and Audio Coding ebook cover
Mechanical Characterization of Materials and Wave Dispersion ebook cover
Digital Spectral Analysis: Parametric, Non-Parametric and Advanced Methods ebook cover
Detection Estimation and Modulation Theory, Part I ebook cover
Multi-factor Models and Signal Processing Techniques: Application to Quantitative Finance ebook cover
Blind Identification and Separation of Complex-valued Signals ebook cover
Bayesian Estimation and Tracking: A Practical Guide ebook cover