Social History Ebooks

Mirrors of Mortality (Routledge Revivals): Social Studies in the History of Death ebook cover
Alan S. Milward and a Century of European Change ebook cover
Disability in Eighteenth-Century England: Imagining Physical Impairment ebook cover
Popularizing National Pasts: 1800 to the Present ebook cover
Witchcraft Myths in American Culture ebook cover
'Gilded Prostitution': Status, Money and Transatlantic Marriages, 1870-1914 ebook cover
Modern Honor: A Philosophical Defense ebook cover
Shadows of the Slave Past: Memory, Heritage, and Slavery ebook cover
Space Unveiled: Invisible Cultures in the Design Studio ebook cover
The Spaniards in Rome (Routledge Revivals): From Marius to Domitian ebook cover
The Rise and Propagation of Historical Professionalism ebook cover
Child Slaves in the Modern World ebook cover
Alcohol in World History ebook cover
A History of Global Consumption: 1500 - 1800 ebook cover
Conversions: Two Family Stories from the Reformation and Modern America ebook cover
The Jungle: The Uncensored Original Edition ebook cover
These Were My People: Washabuck: An Anecdotal History ebook cover
Spectacle in "Classical" Cinemas: Musicality and Historicity in the 1930s ebook cover
Rethinking German History (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Massacre of the Innocents: Infanticide in Great Britain 1800-1939 ebook cover
A Revolution of Perception?: Consequences and Echoes of 1968 ebook cover
Transregional and Transnational Families in Europe and Beyond ebook cover
The Legacies of Two World Wars: European Societies in the Twentieth Century ebook cover
Journey Through America ebook cover