Social Policy Ebooks

The Neighbours of the European Union's Neighbours ebook cover
Inside Cambodian Insurgency: A Sociological Perspective on Civil Wars and Conflict ebook cover
Urban Politics and Cultural Capital: The Case of Chinese Opera ebook cover
An Introduction to European Intergovernmental Organizations ebook cover
The European External Action Service and National Foreign Ministries ebook cover
Entrepreneurship in the Polis: Understanding Political Entrepreneurship ebook cover
The Transformation of Politicised Religion: From Zealots into Leaders ebook cover
Young People's Understandings of Men's Violence Against Women ebook cover
All our welfare: Towards participatory social policy ebook cover
The Management of Public Services in Central Asia ebook cover
Unequal Europe: Social Divisions and Social Cohesion in an Old Continent ebook cover
Commons, Sustainability, Democratization ebook cover
Introduction to social policy analysis: Illuminating welfare ebook cover
A sharing economy ebook cover
The coalition government and social policy: Restructuring the welfare state ebook cover
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A Better Politics: How Government Can Make Us Happier ebook cover
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Diffusion of Good Government: Social Sector Reforms in Brazil ebook cover
Justice and fairness in the city: A multi-disciplinary approach to 'ordinary' cities ebook cover
Social policy in a cold climate: Policies and their consequences since the crisis ebook cover
Why we need welfare: Collective action for the common good ebook cover
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Being Poor, Feeling Poorer ebook cover
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The Politics of Welfare State Transformation in Germany: Still a Semi-Sovereign State? ebook cover
Social Development and Social Work Perspectives on Social Protection ebook cover
Analysis and Activism: Social and Political Contributions of Jungian Psychology ebook cover