Social Work Ebooks

Social Work Theories in Action ebook cover
Multiple Sclerosis ebook cover
Good Practice in Adult Mental Health ebook cover
Social Work and Social Care ebook cover
Social Work and the Courts ebook cover
Constructing Clienthood in Social Work and Human Services ebook cover
Social Work, Health and Equality ebook cover
Postmodernity and the Fragmentation of Welfare ebook cover
Managing Front Line Practice in Social Care ebook cover
Staff Supervision in a Turbulent Environment ebook cover
Housing Policy in the 1990s ebook cover
$212.50 $225.00
Working with Older People ebook cover
Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees: Legal Issues, Clinical Skills and Advocacy ebook cover
$72.95 $79.99
Professional Development in Social Work: Complex Issues in Practice ebook cover
Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Interweaving the Inner and Outer Worlds ebook cover
The Politics of Becoming European ebook cover
Social Work Management and Leadership: Managing Complexity with Creativity ebook cover
Private Lives in Public Places ebook cover
Solution Focused Practice in End-of-Life and Grief Counseling ebook cover
$58.25 $67.99
Ending Spouse/Partner Abuse: A Psychoeducational Approach for Individuals and Couples ebook cover
$71.15 $77.99