Sociolinguistics Ebooks

Code-switching ebook cover
Concise Encyclopedia of Pragmatics ebook cover
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Ethnolinguistic Diversity and Education: Language, Literacy and Culture ebook cover
Knowledge and Language ebook cover
$107.45 $114.00
A Union of Diversity ebook cover
Who Does This Language Belong To? Personal Narratives of Language Claim and Identity ebook cover
Person Reference in Interaction ebook cover
Language of the Land: Policy, Politics, Identity. Studies in the History of Education. ebook cover
Language and Social Relations ebook cover
Strengthening Country Commitment to Human Development: Lessons from Nutrition ebook cover
$13.40 $15.00
Group Communication in Context: Studies of Bona Fide Groups ebook cover
Spelling and Society ebook cover
Reconceptualizing Literacy in the New Age of Multiculturalism and Pluralism ebook cover
Discourse Processing ebook cover
$112.05 $119.00
Mental Models in Discourse Processing and Reasoning ebook cover
$189.70 $205.00
Language Processing in Chinese ebook cover
Text and Text Processing ebook cover
Inferences in Text Processing ebook cover
The Effect of Community Context on Intergenerational Spanish Maintenance and English Proficiency Among Latina and Latino Children ebook cover