Sociology Of Sports Ebooks

When Winning Costs Too Much: Steroids, Supplements, and Scandal in Today's Sports World ebook cover
$20.05 $24.50
Women and Sports in the United States: A Documentary Reader ebook cover
$30.90 $32.99
Making Sense of Sports ebook cover
A History of Drug Use in Sport: 1876 - 1976: Beyond Good and Evil ebook cover
Inclusion and Exclusion Through Youth Sport ebook cover
Sportista: Female Fandom in the United States ebook cover
$27.30 $30.95
Planet Sport ebook cover
Understanding Sport: A socio-cultural analysis ebook cover
Sport and Body Politics in Japan ebook cover
Celebration Capitalism and the Olympic Games ebook cover
Touch in Sports Coaching and Physical Education: Fear, Risk and Moral Panic ebook cover
Elite Sport and Sport-for-All: Bridging the Two Cultures? ebook cover
Researching Embodied Sport: Exploring movement cultures ebook cover
Judo: An Introductory Guide for Beginners ebook cover
$5.23 $5.99
Digital Leisure Cultures: Critical perspectives ebook cover
Sport Communication: An International Approach ebook cover
The Work of Professional Football: A Labour of Love? ebook cover
Learning Culture through Sports: Perspectives on Society and Organized Sports ebook cover
$37.60 $46.50
Social Capital and Sport Governance in Europe ebook cover
Sport, Fun and Enjoyment: An Embodied Approach ebook cover
Digital Media Sport: Technology, Power and Culture in the Network Society ebook cover
Towards a Social Science of Drugs in Sport ebook cover
The Rise of Stadiums in the Modern United States: Cathedrals of Sport ebook cover