Solid State Ebooks

IC Mask Design ebook cover
Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics ebook cover
Switch-Mode Power Converters: Design and Analysis ebook cover
Solid-State Physics for Electronics ebook cover
Engineering Quantum Mechanics ebook cover
Spins in Optically Active Quantum Dots: Concepts and Methods ebook cover
Quantum Nanoelectronics ebook cover
Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 3 ebook cover
$22.20 $25.00
Magnetic Nano- and Microwires: Design, Synthesis, Properties and Applications ebook cover
$287.05 $310.00
Rare Earth and Transition Metal Doping of Semiconductor Materials ebook cover
$245.45 $265.00
Digital and Microprocessor Techniques V10 ebook cover
Photomask Fabrication Technology ebook cover
$132.25 $142.00
Building iPhone and iPad Electronic Projects ebook cover
$21.15 $23.99
Reliability, Robustness and Failure Mechanisms of LED Devices: Methodology and Evaluation ebook cover
Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 2 ebook cover
$22.65 $25.50
Spin Transfer Torque (STT) Based Devices, Circuits, and Memory ebook cover
$168.30 $179.00
C, H, N and O in Si and Characterization and Simulation of Materials and Processes ebook cover
$265.80 $287.00
Thin Film Processes II ebook cover
The Gunn-Hilsum Effect ebook cover
Lon Implantation in Semiconductors: Silicon and Germanium ebook cover
Non-Stoichiometry in Semiconductors ebook cover
Selected Topics in Group IV and II-VI Semiconductors ebook cover
$315.70 $341.00
Advances in the Understanding of Crystal Growth Mechanisms ebook cover
III-V Semiconductor Materials and Devices ebook cover