Solid State Physics Ebooks

Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena ebook cover
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Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena ebook cover
$178.45 $190.00
New Developments in Construction and Functions of Organic Thin Films ebook cover
$347.15 $375.00
Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics ebook cover
Conceptual Foundations of Materials ebook cover
$200.95 $215.00
Modern Physics: for Scientists and Engineers ebook cover
Ion Beam Treatment of Polymers: Application Aspects from Medicine to Space ebook cover
$209.85 $225.00
Liquids and Liquid Mixtures: Butterworths Monographs in Chemistry ebook cover
Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Third Edition ebook cover
Fundamentals of Radiation and Chemical Safety ebook cover
$178.45 $190.00
Virtual Synthesis of Nanosystems by Design: From First Principles to Applications ebook cover
Electronic and Optical Properties of Semiconductors ebook cover
Handbook of Thermal Analysis of Construction Materials ebook cover
$232.05 $250.00
Luminescence and the Solid State ebook cover
Solid State Physics ebook cover
Cytometry, Part A ebook cover
Optical Diagnostics for Thin Film Processing ebook cover
$182.95 $195.00
Superconductivity ebook cover
Isotope Effects in Solid State Physics ebook cover
Handbook of Superconductivity ebook cover
$196.45 $210.00
index ebook cover
$160.30 $170.00
Plasma Deposition of Amorphous Silicon-Based Materials ebook cover
$139.20 $146.95
Optical Spectra and Lattice Dynamics of Molecular Crystals ebook cover
Novel Methods to Study Interfacial Layers ebook cover
$296.30 $320.00