Solid State Physics Ebooks

Kinetic and Thermodynamic Lumping of Multicomponent Mixtures ebook cover
Ion Beam Assisted Film Growth ebook cover
Medium-Energy Ion Reflection from Solids ebook cover
Ion Beam Handbook for Material Analysis ebook cover
Synthesis, Crystal Growth and Characterization ebook cover
Introduction to Solid State Electronics ebook cover
Metals, Superconductors, Magnetic Materials, Liquids Disordered Solids, Optical Properties ebook cover
Optical Characterization of Semiconductors ebook cover
Understanding Solid State Physics ebook cover
Helium Three ebook cover
$88.95 $93.95
Ion Beam Modification of Materials ebook cover
$329.45 $362.00
Defect Control in Semiconductors ebook cover
$88.95 $93.95
Multinary Alloys Based on II-VI Semiconductors ebook cover
$235.15 $249.95
Ion Beam Processing of Materials and Deposition Processes of Protective Coatings ebook cover
$261.45 $287.00
Laser Ablation ebook cover
$299.00 $328.50
Physical-Chemical Mechanics of Disperse Systems and Materials ebook cover
Physical Methods for Materials Characterisation, Second Edition ebook cover
Let's Move It! What Makes Things Move (For Kiddie Learners) ebook cover
It Does Matter! ebook cover
Light is Everywhere ebook cover
NMR of Liquid Crystal Dendrimers ebook cover
Skyrmions: Topological Structures, Properties, and Applications ebook cover
$208.15 $219.95
Introduction to Topological Quantum Matter & Quantum Computation ebook cover
Carbon Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Structure, Properties and Applications ebook cover