Solid State Physics Ebooks

Advanced Chemistry of Monolayers at Interfaces: Trends in Methodology and Technology ebook cover
$229.35 $250.00
Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics '97 ebook cover
$332.20 $365.00
Nano-Physics and Bio-Electronics: A New Odyssey ebook cover
$229.35 $250.00
Rapid Thermal Processing for Future Semiconductor Devices ebook cover
$135.80 $145.00
Handbook of Thermal Conductivity, Volume 2: Organic Compounds C5 to C7 ebook cover
$167.40 $180.00
Handbook of Thermal Conductivity, Volume 1: Organic Compounds C1 to C4 ebook cover
$171.85 $185.00
Handbook of Thermal Conductivity, Volume 3: Organic Compounds C8 to C28 ebook cover
$137.60 $147.00
Nonlinear Diffusion of Electromagnetic Fields ebook cover
$251.05 $275.00
Introduction to Wave Scattering, Localization, and Mesoscopic Phenomena ebook cover
Designer Surfaces ebook cover
$153.90 $165.00
Solid State Physics ebook cover
Solid State Physics: Surfaces ebook cover
Liquid Sample Introduction in ICP Spectrometry: A Practical Guide ebook cover
$91.75 $96.95
Superlattice to Nanoelectronics ebook cover
$185.25 $200.00
Feynman Diagram Techniques in Condensed Matter Physics ebook cover
Synthetic Materials for Non-Linear Optics and Electronics ebook cover
$88.95 $93.95
Carbon Nanomaterials Sourcebook ebook cover
$208.15 $219.95
Computational Modeling of Inorganic Nanomaterials ebook cover
$189.95 $199.95
Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Spintronics ebook cover
Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Recording: Storage Materials and Media Designs ebook cover
Quantum Nanochemistry, Volume Four: Quantum Solids and Orderability ebook cover
$208.15 $219.95
Many-Body Effects and Electrostatics in Biomolecules ebook cover
$235.15 $249.95
Cluster Ion-Solid Interactions: Theory, Simulation, and Experiment ebook cover
Graphene Science Handbook: Nanostructure and Atomic Arrangement ebook cover
$226.20 $239.95