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Publication: Muse Eek Publishing Company
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Language: English
Publication Date: December 2007
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“Sonic Resource Guide” is a reference book for the application of set theory principles to jazz improvisation. It is meant for the musician who wants to explore new sounds for improvisation or composition. The aim of “Sonic Resource Guide” is to bridge the gap between highly mathematical pitch class theory books and the often limited scope of jazz improvisation methods by demonstrating various musical relationships that an improviser can use to create fresh sounding musical content. The book reduces note relationships down to two hundred and twenty prime forms. Endless combinations of notes can be derived from these prime forms which are commonly referred to as pitch class sets. The various melodic and harmonic relationships of these pitch class sets are listed to help a musician locate and utilize these relationships within their own playing. Along with each pitch class set is a listing of possible related jazz chords. Where appropriate a listing of all three and four note chords can be found to aid in creating varied and unique harmonic pallettes, as well as three, four, six and eight note subset relationships to help in exploring subset based musical ideas. Jazz musicians will find this book user friendly because all relationships are listed as both pitch names and scale degrees. Set theory students will find each pitch class set is also expressed in its prime form. An index containing a simplified set list is also included to help in locating a prime form’s scales from any note combination. There is also a brief theory section exploring some of the uses of the information presented. Further books will explore these theoretical relationships in depth. TOC Background information Prime form and Integer Notation Prime for example Integer notation example 220 Prime forms Melodic and Harmonic possibilities for the 220 prime forms Background information on Chord/Scale relationships Chord Tones, Tensions and Avoid Notes Example of Chord Tone, Tensions and Avoid Notes Chord Tone, Tension and Avoid notes for: Major Chord Minor Chord Dominant Chord Dominant 7th Sus4 Chord Minor 7th Flat 5 Chord Diminished Chord Minor Major 7 Chord Major 7th Sharp 5 Chord Explanation of scale application to typical chord types in all keys Symmetrical Difference Lists and Groupings application Ditonic or Diad Scales (2 Note) Tritonic or Trichord Scales (3 Note) Tetratonic or Tetrachord Scales (4 Note) Pentatonic Scales (5 Note) Hexatonic Scales (6 Note) Heptatonic Scales (7 Note) Octatonic Scales (8 Note ) Nonatonic Scales (9 Note) Decatonic Scales (10 Note) Hendecatonic Scales (11 Note) Dodecatonic Scales (12 Notes) Two Note Scales Three Note Scales Four Note Scales Five Note Scales Six Note Scales Seven Note Scales Eight Note Scales Nine Note Scales Ten Note Scales Eleven Note Scales 3 Note Indexes 012 Hexatonic Combinations 013 Hexatonic Combinations 014 Hexatonic Combinations 015 Hexatonic Combinations 016 Hexatonic Combinations 024 Hexatonic Combinations 025 Hexatonic Combinations 026 Hexatonic Combinations 027 Hexatonic Combinations 036 Hexatonic Combinations 037 Hexatonic Combinations 048 Hexatonic Combinations 4 Note Indexes Two Tetrad Combinations 8 Note Indexes Two Tetrad Combinations Three Tetrad Combinations Set List Directions Set List table for finding prime form


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