South America Ebooks

La Galgada, Peru: A Preceramic Culture in Transition ebook cover
Andean Waterways: Resource Politics in Highland Peru ebook cover
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Boom and Bust: Ecuador's Financial Rollercoaster ebook cover
$41.90 $54.00
Where the Land Meets the Sea: Fourteen Millennia of Human History at Huaca Prieta, Peru ebook cover
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Brazil and Latin America: Between the Separation and Integration Paths ebook cover
$63.30 $85.50
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Luso-Brazilian Encounters of the Sixteenth Century: A Styles of Thinking Approach ebook cover
$54.60 $68.00
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Freedom by a Thread: The History of Quilombos in Brazil ebook cover
$12.00 $14.99
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The Ox and the Slave: A Satirical Music Drama in Brazil ebook cover
$9.65 $11.99
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Brazil and the Dialectic of Colonization ebook cover
$24.70 $31.50
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Spanish Dollars and Sister Republics: The Money That Made Mexico and the United States ebook cover
$20.95 $27.50
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Historical Dictionary of Chile ebook cover
$153.65 $213.50
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Jos Artigas and the Federal League in Uruguay's War of Independence (1810-1820) ebook cover
$66.55 $90.00
Learning from Bogota: Pedagogical Urbanism and the Reshaping of Public Space ebook cover
Cattle in the Backlands ebook cover
Blood of the Earth: Resource Nationalism, Revolution, and Empire in Bolivia ebook cover
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The Oligarchy and the Old Regime in Latin America, 1880-1970 ebook cover
$21.70 $28.50
Pebble Island: Revised Anniversary Edition ebook cover
Inka History in Knots: Reading Khipus as Primary Sources ebook cover
Latin America Since Independence ebook cover
Antifascism and Sociology: Gino Germani 1911-1979 ebook cover
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Brazil in the Making: Facets of National Identity ebook cover
$29.25 $36.00
Art Against Dictatorship: Making and Exporting Arpilleras Under Pinochet ebook cover
Dom Pedro the Magnanimous, Second Emperor of Brazil ebook cover
The Ecological Native: Indigenous Peoples' Movements and Eco-Governmentality in Columbia ebook cover