South Ebooks

Visual Art and the Urban Evolution of the New South ebook cover
$44.95 $58.99
Faces of Kentucky ebook cover
$24.40 $29.95
The Encyclopedia of Northern Kentucky ebook cover
$37.45 $49.95
A Home for Wayward Boys: The Early History of the Alabama Boys' Industrial School ebook cover
$7.80 $9.99
The Civil War Guerrilla: Unfolding the Black Flag in History, Memory, and Myth ebook cover
The Mobile River ebook cover
$17.10 $21.99
Working on the Dock of the Bay: Labor and Enterprise in an Antebellum Southern Port ebook cover
$23.15 $29.99
Varieties of Southern Religious History: Essays in Honor of Donald G. Mathews ebook cover
$41.20 $53.99
Florida ebook cover
In the Land of Cotton: How Old Times There Still Shape Alabama's Future ebook cover
The American South and the Vietnam War: Belligerence, Protest, and Agony in Dixie ebook cover
$37.35 $40.00
Forest and the Trees: A Memoir of a Man, a Family, and a Company ebook cover
$7.80 $9.99
James Larkin Pearson: A Biography of North Carolina's Longest Serving Poet Laureate ebook cover
$67.55 $84.50
Looking for Lydia; Looking for God ebook cover
Florida Founder William P. DuVal: Frontier Bon Vivant ebook cover
$37.45 $48.99
Once in a Lifetime: Reflections of a Mississippi First Lady ebook cover
$20.45 $25.00
Troutmouth: The Two Careers of Hugh Clegg ebook cover
$24.45 $30.00
Joe T. Patterson and the White South's Dilemma: Evolving Resistance to Black Advancement ebook cover
$20.45 $25.00
Emmett Till: The Murder That Shocked the World and Propelled the Civil Rights Movement ebook cover
$10.05 $12.00
America's Great Storm: Leading through Hurricane Katrina ebook cover
$20.45 $25.00
A Southern Writer and the Civil War: The Confederate Imagination of William Gilmore Simms ebook cover
$30.50 $40.50
Rancorous Enmities and Blind Partialities: Factions and Parties in Georgia, 1807-1845 ebook cover
$65.85 $89.00
In Search of Divine Reality: Science as a Source of Inspiration ebook cover
$19.65 $24.95
Hidden History: African American Cemeteries in Central Virginia ebook cover
$15.25 $19.50