State & Provincial Ebooks

Political Change and Territoriality in Indonesia: Provincial Proliferation ebook cover
Civil Society and Participatory Governance
Municipal Councils and Social Housing Programs in Brazil
State Crime in the Global Age ebook cover
Local Government Reorganisation: The Review and its Aftermath ebook cover
Innovations in Urban Politics ebook cover
Local Power, Territory and Institutions in European Metropolitan Regions ebook cover
ASEAN and the Security of South-East Asia (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
An Industrial Geography of Cocaine ebook cover
Voices of Decline: The Postwar Fate of US Cities ebook cover
A Policy Approach to Political Representation: Lessons from the Four Corners States ebook cover
Democracy, Development and Decentralisation in India: Continuing Debates ebook cover
Local Government in Central and Eastern Europe: The Rebirth of Local Democracy ebook cover
People & Politics in Urban America ebook cover
Block Granting Medicaid: A Model for 21st Century Health Reform? ebook cover
State & Government in the Federal Republic of Germany: The Executive at Work ebook cover
Gender, Politics and the State ebook cover
Russian Regions and Regionalism: Strength through Weakness ebook cover
The Second Tier of Local Government in Europe ebook cover
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Storming the State House ebook cover
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The Death of the American Death Penalty: States Still Leading the Way ebook cover
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Arizona Firestorm: Global Immigration Realities, National Media, and Provincial Politics ebook cover
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Starting Over: A Political Biography of George Allen ebook cover
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The Fiscal Case against Statehood: Accounting for Statehood in New Mexico and Arizona ebook cover
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A Caring Jurisprudence: Listening to Patients at the Supreme Court ebook cover
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