Storage & Retrieval Ebooks

Gitolite Essentials ebook cover
Concepts and Advances in Information Knowledge Management ebook cover
Implementing Cloud Storage with OpenStack Swift ebook cover
Data Mining and Analysis in the Engineering Field ebook cover
Weblogs and Libraries ebook cover
Library Web Ecology: What You Need To Know as Web Design Coordinator ebook cover
Licensing and Managing Electronic Resources ebook cover
Advances in Non-volatile Memory and Storage Technology ebook cover
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Digital Asset Ecosystems: Rethinking crowds and cloud ebook cover
Time and Relational Theory: Temporal Databases in the Relational Model and SQL ebook cover
Customizing Chef ebook cover
$28.00 $31.99
Using Flume: Flexible, Scalable, and Reliable Data Streaming ebook cover
$29.75 $33.99
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Implementing Web-Scale Discovery Services: A Practical Guide for Librarians ebook cover
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Learning OpenShift ebook cover
The Taxobook: Principles and Practices of Building Taxonomies, Part 2 of a 3-Part Series ebook cover
RDF Database Systems: Triples Storage and SPARQL Query Processing ebook cover
HBase Essentials ebook cover
Data Architecture ebook cover
Archives and the computer ebook cover
Data Acquisition Techniques Using PC ebook cover
Decision Support Systems ebook cover
Interoperable Database Systems (DS-5) ebook cover
Database Management Systems: Understanding and Applying Database Technology ebook cover
Head First Data Analysis ebook cover
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