Strategic Planning Ebooks

Digital Business: Concepts and strategies ebook cover
Strategy Journeys: A Guide to Effective Strategic Planning ebook cover
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Thinking Big Is Not Enough ebook cover
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Knowledge Management Initiatives and Strategies in Small and Medium Enterprises ebook cover
Strategic Leadership in the Public Sector ebook cover
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Uncommon Sense: Shift Your Thinking. Take New Action. Boost Your Sales ebook cover
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Natural Corporate Management: From the Big Bang to Wall Street ebook cover
Sustainable Strategic Management ebook cover
Buried Treasure ebook cover
Management for a Small Planet: Third Edition ebook cover
Managing Cultural Differences: Global Leadership for the 21st Century ebook cover
Mindful Business Leadership ebook cover
Strategies, Leadership and Complexity in Crisis and Emergency Operations ebook cover
Behavioral Strategic Management ebook cover
Culture, Innovation and the Economy ebook cover
Technological Innovation Networks: Collaboration and Partnership ebook cover
Value Management: Translating Aspirations into Performance ebook cover
Understanding Creative Business: Values, Networks and Innovation ebook cover
Vinyl: A History of the Analogue Record ebook cover
Third Sector Performance: Management and Finance in Not-for-profit and Social Enterprises ebook cover
Transforming Big Pharma: Assessing the Strategic Alternatives ebook cover
Validating Strategies: Linking Projects and Results to Uses and Benefits ebook cover
Time Series Analysis and Adjustment ebook cover
What's Your Business?: Corporate Design Strategy Concepts and Processes ebook cover