Strategic Planning Ebooks

The Future of Pharma: Evolutionary Threats and Opportunities ebook cover
Advances in Social-Psychology and Music Education Research ebook cover
Advising Upwards ebook cover
The Globalisation of Corporate Governance: The Challenge of Clashing Cultures ebook cover
Value Management: Translating Aspirations into Performance ebook cover
The Focused Organization ebook cover
The Evolution of Strategic Foresight: Navigating Public Policy Making ebook cover
Forecasting for the Pharmaceutical Industry ebook cover
Understanding Creative Business: Values, Networks and Innovation ebook cover
Vinyl: A History of the Analogue Record ebook cover
The Failure and the Future of Accounting: Strategy, Stakeholders, and Business Value ebook cover
Third Sector Performance: Management and Finance in Not-for-profit and Social Enterprises ebook cover
Transforming Big Pharma: Assessing the Strategic Alternatives ebook cover
The Irrational Consumer: Applying Behavioural Economics to Your Business Strategy ebook cover
The 'Made in Germany' Champion Brands ebook cover
The Balanced Company: Organizing for the 21st Century ebook cover
Territorial Development and Action Research: Innovation Through Dialogue ebook cover
Validating Strategies: Linking Projects and Results to Uses and Benefits ebook cover
The Dynamics of Law and Morality: A Pluralist Account of Legal Interactionism ebook cover
Technology, Business and the Market: From R&D to Desirable Products ebook cover
The New Natural Resource: Knowledge Development, Society and Economics ebook cover
Time Series Analysis and Adjustment ebook cover
The Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Culture in Early Modern England ebook cover
The Strategic Alliance Handbook ebook cover