Strategic Planning Ebooks

Customer's New Voice ebook cover
The Sustainability Mindset: Using the Matrix Map to Make Strategic Decisions ebook cover
Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products ebook cover
Business Strategy: Plan, Execute, Win! ebook cover
From Me to We ebook cover
Trust and Partnership: Strategic IT Management for Turbulent Times ebook cover
Business Plans Kit For Dummies ebook cover
Unleashing the Power of IT: Bringing People, Business, and Technology Together ebook cover
The Innovator's Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth ebook cover
I Have a Strategy (No, You Don't): The Illustrated Guide to Strategy ebook cover
Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud ebook cover
The Agile Architecture Revolution ebook cover
microDomination ebook cover
Transforming IT Culture ebook cover
The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future ebook cover
Be the Best at What Matters Most: The Only Strategy You will Ever Need ebook cover
Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data ebook cover
Competitive Quality Strategy ebook cover
Recession, Recovery, and Renewal ebook cover
Product and Systems Development: A Value Approach ebook cover
Own the Future: 50 Ways to Win from The Boston Consulting Group ebook cover
The End of Big: How the Internet Makes David the New Goliath ebook cover
Leading the Epic Revolution ebook cover
The U.S. Technology Skills Gap ebook cover