Structural Adjustment Ebooks

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Super Communication the Nlp Way ebook cover
$8.25 $9.95
Technology for Creativity and Innovation: Tools, Techniques and Applications ebook cover
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Change with Confidence ebook cover
$22.05 $32.00
Organizational Change: Sourcebook I: Cases in Organizational Development ebook cover
Corporate Restructuring: Lessons from Experience ebook cover
$34.65 $40.00
Benefit Realisation Management: A Practical Guide to Achieving Benefits Through Change ebook cover
Harvesting External Innovation: Managing External Relationships and Intellectual Property ebook cover
Business Transformation Management Methodology ebook cover
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How to Start a Creative Business: The Jargon-Free Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs ebook cover
$17.20 $22.99
Changing Organizations from Within: Roles, Risks and Consultancy Relationships ebook cover
Innovate or Perish ebook cover
$8.70 $9.99
Business Transformation Essentials: Case Studies and Articles ebook cover
Building Anti-Fragile Organisations ebook cover
Guiding the Child (Psychology Revivals): On the principles of Individual Psychology ebook cover
Building Businesses in Emerging and Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities ebook cover
Summary of The Phoenix Project ebook cover
Productive Reflection at Work ebook cover
Knowledge and Innovation in Business and Industry: The Importance of Using Others ebook cover
Commoditization and the Strategic Response ebook cover
Creating and Re-Creating Corporate Entrepreneurial Culture ebook cover
Rethink, Reinvent, Reposition: 12 Strategies to Make Over Your Business ebook cover
$11.55 $14.95
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Creative Execution: What Great Leaders Do to Unleash Bold Thinking and Innovation ebook cover
$22.05 $32.00
Participative Transformation: Learning and Development in Practising Change ebook cover
Disruptive Business: Desire, Innovation and the Re-design of Business ebook cover