System Theory Ebooks

Modeling Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF: A Practical Guide Using UML and BPMN ebook cover
Systems Self-Assembly: Multidisciplinary Snapshots ebook cover
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System Theory: A Hilbert space approach ebook cover
Complex Systems: Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer School 2006 ebook cover
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Mind, Body, World: Foundations of Cognitive Science ebook cover
$22.55 $39.95
The Limits of Fabrication: Materials Science, Materialist Poetics ebook cover
Self-Modifying Systems in Biology and Cognitive Science ebook cover
Systems Research in Health Care, Biocybernetics and Ecology ebook cover
Anticipatory Systems: Philosophical, Mathematical and Methodological Foundations ebook cover
Dynamics and Thermodynamics in Hierarchically Organized Systems ebook cover
Rethinking the Process of Operational Research & Systems Analysis ebook cover
Systems Effectiveness ebook cover
Upside-Down Gods: Gregory Bateson's World of Difference ebook cover
Dynamical Systems and Microphysics: Geometry and Mechanics ebook cover
Primordial Prescription: The Most Plaguing Problem of Life Origin Science ebook cover
Earth, Life, and System: Evolution and Ecology on a Gaian Planet ebook cover
Interdependence: Biology and Beyond ebook cover
Thinking with Data: How to Turn Information Into Insights ebook cover
$15.10 $16.99
General Systems Theory - Beginning With Wholes: Beginning with Wholes ebook cover
Chaos theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences ebook cover
The Quality of Life ebook cover
The Chaos Cookbook: A Practical Programming Guide ebook cover
Systems Analysis Applications to Complex Programs ebook cover
Object-Oriented Simulation with Hierarchical, Modular Models ebook cover