Telecommunications Ebooks

Introduction to 3g Mobile Communications, Second Edition ebook cover
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Wireless Internet Telecommunications ebook cover
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Electromagnetics for High-Speed Analog and Digital Communication Circuits ebook cover
Digital Transmission Engineering ebook cover
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M-Commerce Crash Course: The Technology and Business of Next Generation Internet Services ebook cover
$34.20 $42.00
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Optical Networking Crash Course ebook cover
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Practical Electrical Network Automation and Communication Systems ebook cover
Bulletproof Wireless Security: GSM, UMTS, 802.11, and Ad Hoc Security ebook cover
4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband ebook cover
DSP Software Development Techniques for Embedded and Real-Time Systems ebook cover
Modern Receiver Front-Ends: Systems, Circuits, and Integration ebook cover
DSP Applications Using C and the TMS320C6x DSK ebook cover
Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory, Optimum Array Processing ebook cover
Global Positioning Systems, Inertial Navigation, and Integration ebook cover
RF/Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Applications ebook cover
RF and Microwave Wireless Systems ebook cover
System Identification: A Frequency Domain Approach ebook cover
Embedded Signal Processing with the Micro Signal Architecture ebook cover
Fundamentals of the Physical Theory of Diffraction ebook cover
RFID: A Guide to Radio Frequency Identification ebook cover
High Performance Switches and Routers ebook cover
Mobile Inter-Networking with Ipv6: Concepts, Principles and Practices ebook cover
Information Security Governance: A Practical Development and Implementation Approach ebook cover
Communications Engineering: Essentials for Computer Scientists and Electrical Engineers ebook cover