Telecommunications Ebooks

Optimisation in Signal and Image Processing ebook cover
Wireless and Mobile Networks Security ebook cover
Mobile Handset Design ebook cover
RF / Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Applications ebook cover
Mobile Ad Hoc Networking: The Cutting Edge Directions ebook cover
Energy Efficiency in Wireless Networks ebook cover
Local Networks and the Internet: From Protocols to Interconnection ebook cover
Handbook of Ultra-Wideband Short-Range Sensing: Theory, Sensors, Applications ebook cover
Non-standard Antennas ebook cover
Radio Engineering: From Software Radio to Cognitive Radio ebook cover
Ad Hoc Networks: Routing, Qos and Optimization ebook cover
Digital Home Networking ebook cover
Introduction to Audiovisual Archives ebook cover
Communicating Systems with UML 2: Modeling and Analysis of Network Protocols ebook cover
Network Performance Analysis ebook cover
Tools for Signal Compression: Applications to Speech and Audio Coding ebook cover
IP, Ethernet and MPLS Networks: Resource and Fault Management ebook cover
Home Area Networks and IPTV ebook cover
Negotiating Cultural Encounters ebook cover
Homeplug AV and IEEE 1901: A Handbook for PLC Designers and Users ebook cover
Modern Lens Antennas for Communications Engineering ebook cover
Mobile Networks Architecture ebook cover
WiFi, WiMAX and LTE Multi-hop Mesh Networks ebook cover
Ultra Wide Band Antennas ebook cover