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Boston's Bloody Marathon ebook cover
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Hubris, Self-Interest, and America's Failed War in Afghanistan ebook cover
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Jihad in Palestine: Political Islam and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ebook cover
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NATO: From Regional to Global Security Provider ebook cover
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Foundations of Public Service ebook cover
Bombs, IEDs, and Explosives: Identification, Investigation, and Disposal Techniques ebook cover
Understanding Apocalyptic Terrorism: Countering the Radical Mindset ebook cover
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The Global Jihad Movement ebook cover
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Inferno in Chechnya ebook cover
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Indo-US Relations: Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Nuclear Energy ebook cover
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Evolutionary Psychology and Terrorism ebook cover
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Terrorism in the 21st Century, CourseSmart eTextbook ebook cover
Jambiya ebook cover
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The Event of <em>Charlie Hebdo</em>: Imaginaries of Freedom and Control ebook cover
Terrorism: An Investigator's Handbook ebook cover
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Religion and Terrorism: The Use of Violence in Abrahamic Monotheism ebook cover
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Securing the Sacred: Religion, National Security, and the Western State ebook cover
The Science and Technology of Counterterrorism ebook cover
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Is the U.S. Office of Personnel Management Responsible for 9/11? ebook cover
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The New Era in U.S. National Security: An Introduction to Emerging Threats and Challenges ebook cover
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Al Qaeda Declares War: The African Embassy Bombings and America's Search for Justice ebook cover
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Wasted Years, Wasted Lives Volume 2: The British Army in Northern Ireland 1978-79 ebook cover
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