IRAQ: The West Shakes Up The Middle East ebook cover
Terrorism and WMDs: Awareness and Response, Second Edition ebook cover
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Restoring America's Military Prowess ebook cover
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Imaginative Geographies of Algerian Violence ebook cover
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Deterring Terrorism: Theory and Practice ebook cover
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The Lesser Jihads: Bringing the Islamist Extremist Fight to the World ebook cover
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Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalism ebook cover
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Counter-Insurgency in Nigeria: The Military and Operations against Boko Haram, 2011-2017 ebook cover
Rebel Recruitment and Information Problems ebook cover
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Terrorist Organizations and Weapons of Mass Destruction ebook cover
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Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime ebook cover
The Motivation-Cognition Interface ebook cover
Private Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice ebook cover
Theories of Terrorism: An Introduction ebook cover
US Foreign Policy in The Horn of Africa: From Colonialism to Terrorism ebook cover
Assassin: Theory and Practice of Political Violence ebook cover
Studies in Criminal Justice, Terrorism, and International Political Conflicts ebook cover
The Psychology of Counter-Terrorism ebook cover
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Stalemate: Why We Can't Win The War on Terror and What We Should Do Instead ebook cover
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Terror in Our Time ebook cover
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