Behind the Killing Fields: A Khmer Rouge Leader and One of His Victims ebook cover
The 9/11 Commission Report ebook cover
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Terrorism Versus Democracy: The Liberal State Response ebook cover
Why Did the United States Invade Iraq? ebook cover
The 9/11 Commission Report ebook cover
The 9/11 Commission Report ebook cover
Countering Insurgencies in India - An Insiders View ebook cover
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Son of Hamas ebook cover
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Inside the Revolution ebook cover
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The Peacekeeping Economy ebook cover
Hatred at Home: al-Qaida on Trial in the American Midwest ebook cover
Fighting Back: What Governments Can Do About Terrorism ebook cover
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Own Goals ebook cover
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Engaging Terror: A Critical and Interdisciplinary Approach ebook cover
Global Insurgency and the Future of Armed Conflict: Debating Fourth-Generation Warfare ebook cover
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Safety, Liberty, and Islamist Terrorism ebook cover
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The Psychology of Counter-Terrorism ebook cover
Global Terrorism and New Media ebook cover
An Intellectual History of Terror: War, Violence and the State ebook cover
Because It Is Wrong: Torture, Privacy and Presidential Power in the Age of Terror ebook cover
Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld ebook cover
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Pop Culture Goes to War: Enlisting and Resisting Militarism in the War on Terror ebook cover
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