Textiles & Polymers Ebooks

Biomedical Polymers ebook cover
$211.80 $230.00
Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles ebook cover
$233.70 $255.00
Smart Textiles for Medicine and Healthcare: Materials, Systems and Applications ebook cover
$242.40 $265.00
Plasma Technologies for Textiles ebook cover
$251.05 $275.00
Nanofibers and Nanotechnology in Textiles ebook cover
$273.15 $300.00
Tissue Engineering Using Ceramics and Polymers ebook cover
$295.85 $325.00
Materials in Sports Equipment ebook cover
$251.05 $275.00
Ecotextiles: The Way Forward for Sustainable Development in Textiles ebook cover
$211.80 $230.00
Polymer Chemistry, Second Edition ebook cover
Polymers: Chemistry and Physics of Modern Materials, Third Edition ebook cover
The Effect of UV Light and Weather: On Plastics and Elastomers ebook cover
$359.45 $395.00
Cold Spray Technology ebook cover
$207.40 $225.00
Multiscale Modelling of Polymer Properties ebook cover
$323.10 $355.00
Nanocomposite Structures and Dispersions ebook cover
$246.75 $270.00
Ion Exchange Materials: Properties and Applications ebook cover
$189.70 $205.00
Elastomers and Components: Service Life Prediction - Progress and Challenges ebook cover
$220.60 $240.00
Thermal and Moisture Transport in Fibrous Materials ebook cover
$273.15 $300.00
Total Colour Management in Textiles ebook cover
$233.70 $255.00
Intelligent Textiles and Clothing ebook cover
$264.05 $290.00
Polyurethane and Related Foams: Chemistry and Technology ebook cover
Reactive Polymers Fundamentals and Applications: A Concise Guide to Industrial Polymers ebook cover
$354.90 $390.00
Plastics: Microstructure and Engineering Applications ebook cover
Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Applied Physics ebook cover
$189.70 $205.00
Plastics China: Technologies, Markets and Growth Strategies to 2008 ebook cover
$2,967.40 $3,265.00