Theory Ebooks

Theory of General Economic Equilibrium ebook cover
Comparing Economic Systems: A Political-Economic Approach ebook cover
Economic Modeling in the Nordic Countries ebook cover
Economic Theory and the Cities ebook cover
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Methodology of Economics and Other Social Sciences ebook cover
Integrated Broadband Networks: The Public Policy Issues ebook cover
Economics of Arms Reduction and the Peace Process ebook cover
Problems of the Mixed Economy: Cooperation, Efficiency, and Stability ebook cover
Plans and Disequilibria in Centrally Planned Economies ebook cover
HERMES: Harmonised Econometric Research for Modelling Economic Systems ebook cover
Capital and Employment: A Study of Keynes's Economics ebook cover
Game Theory for Economic Analysis ebook cover
System-Theoretic Methods in Economic Modelling I ebook cover
The Debt-Deflation Theory of Great Depressions ebook cover
The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money ebook cover
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Ecosynomics: The Science of Abundance ebook cover
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Exit from Globalization ebook cover
Hayek and Popper: On Rationality, Economism, and Democracy ebook cover
Theories of Surplus and Transfer (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Welfare and the Welfare State: Present and Future ebook cover
Intermediate Microeconomics: A Tool-Building Approach ebook cover
Intellectuals and (Counter-) Politics: Essays in Historical Realism ebook cover
Realizing Capital: Financial and Psychic Economies in Victorian Form ebook cover
The Specter of Capital ebook cover
$20.45 $22.95