Urban Ebooks

SpaceDBodyDRitual: Performativity in the City ebook cover
$61.85 $83.50
The Exposed City: Mapping the Urban Invisibles ebook cover
Urban Leviathan: Mexico City in the Twentieth Century ebook cover
$37.60 $42.95
Smartcities and Eco-Warriors ebook cover
City Life from Jakarta to Dakar: Movements at the Crossroads ebook cover
Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto ebook cover
$15.25 $16.95
Against Epistemic Apartheid: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Disciplinary Decadence of Sociology ebook cover
$38.40 $47.50
Colonias and Public Policy in Texas and Mexico: Urbanization by Stealth ebook cover
Reconstructing Beirut: Memory and Space in a Postwar Arab City ebook cover
Community Organizing for Urban School Reform ebook cover
Weird City: Sense of Place and Creative Resistance in Austin, Texas ebook cover
$21.40 $25.00
Violent Acts and Urban Space in Contemporary Tel Aviv: Revisioning Moments ebook cover
Return to the Center: Culture, Public Space, and City-Building in a Global Era ebook cover
The Invention of the Jewish Gaucho ebook cover
The Projects: Gang and Non-Gang Families in East Los Angeles ebook cover
Invisible City: Poverty, Housing, and New Urbanism ebook cover
Watching the Traffic Go By: Transportation and Isolation in Urban America ebook cover
The Los Angeles Plaza: Sacred and Contested Space ebook cover
Rethinking Urban Parks: Public Space and Cultural Diversity ebook cover
Ordinary Places/Extraordinary Events ebook cover
Consuming the Entrepreneurial City: Image, Memory, Spectacle ebook cover
Cities and Cultures ebook cover
The Ludic City ebook cover
The Colonial Spanish-American City: Urban Life in the Age of Atlantic Capitalism ebook cover