User Interfaces Ebooks

User-Centered Design Stories: Real-World UCD Case Studies ebook cover
Text Entry Systems: Mobility, Accessibility, Universality ebook cover
Keeping Found Things Found: The Study and Practice of Personal Information Management ebook cover
Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design ebook cover
Visual Thinking: for Design ebook cover
The Persona Lifecycle: Keeping People in Mind Throughout Product Design ebook cover
Effective Prototyping for Software Makers ebook cover
Building Intelligent Interactive Tutors ebook cover
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Designing with the Mind in Mind ebook cover
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Managing Time in Relational Databases: How to Design, Update and Query Temporal Data ebook cover
The Essential Persona Lifecycle: Your Guide to Building and Using Personas ebook cover
Seven Deadliest Social Network Attacks ebook cover
No Code Required: Giving Users Tools to Transform the Web ebook cover
Joomla! 1.5: Beginner's Guide ebook cover
User-Centered Agile Methods ebook cover
Experience-Centered Design: Designers, Users, and Communities in Dialogue ebook cover
Effective UI: The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software ebook cover
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Search Patterns: Design for Discovery ebook cover
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Google Wave: Up and Running ebook cover
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Getting Started with Processing ebook cover
$11.65 $12.99
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Designing with the Mind in Mind ebook cover
$38.90 $51.95
Web Application Design Patterns ebook cover
Effective Prototyping with Excel: A Practical Handbook for Developers and Designers ebook cover
Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability ebook cover