Violence In Society Ebooks

Killing the Competition: Economic Inequality and Homicide ebook cover
The Ville: Cops and Kids in Urban America, Updated Edition ebook cover
Cops Aren't Such Bad Guys ebook cover
Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America ebook cover
Rumors, Race and Riots ebook cover
Defining Danger: American Assassins and the New Domestic Terrorists ebook cover
Invisible Chains & Violent Love ebook cover
Conflict, Education and People's War in Nepal ebook cover
Violence and Abuse In and Around Organisations ebook cover
Resisting Occupation in Kashmir ebook cover
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The Free Voice: On Democracy, Culture and the Nation ebook cover
$10.45 $12.99
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology ebook cover
Violence in Movies, Music, and the Media ebook cover
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Police Practices in Global Perspective ebook cover
$29.40 $39.00
Reconciling Indonesia: Grassroots Agency for Peace ebook cover
Some Trouble with Cows: Making Sense of Social Conflict ebook cover
$28.00 $31.95
Trust and Conflict ebook cover
In My Mother's House: Civil War in Sri Lanka ebook cover
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State Criminality: The Crime of All Crimes ebook cover
$32.05 $39.50
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Been a Heavy Life: Stories of Violent Men ebook cover
$18.45 $23.40
Playing with Fire ebook cover
Dramatic Problem Solving: Drama-Based Group Exercises for Conflict Transformation ebook cover
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The Con: How Scams Work, Why You're Vulnerable, and How to Protect Yourself ebook cover
$23.25 $28.50
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Riots in the Cities: Popular Politics and the Urban Poor in Latin America 1765-1910 ebook cover
$15.60 $18.95