Digital System Clocking: High-Performance and Low-Power Aspects ebook cover
Applied Formal Verification: For Digital Circuit Design ebook cover
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Digital Logic Testing and Simulation ebook cover
Skew-Tolerant Circuit Design ebook cover
Hardware Implementation of Finite-Field Arithmetic ebook cover
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Engineering the CMOS Library: Enhancing Digital Design Kits for Competitive Silicon ebook cover
Electrical Modeling and Design for 3D System Integration ebook cover
Electrical Modeling and Design for 3D System Integration ebook cover
Asynchronous Circuit Design ebook cover
Low-Voltage SOI CMOS VLSI Devices and Circuits ebook cover
Nano-CMOS Circuit and Physical Design ebook cover
Network Infrastructure and Architecture: Designing High-Availability Networks ebook cover
Mobile 3D Graphics SoC: From Algorithm to Chip ebook cover
From Frequency to Time-Average-Frequency ebook cover
Digital Circuit Boards: Mach 1 GHz ebook cover
Fundamentals of Power Integrity for Computer Platforms and Systems ebook cover
Power Management Techniques for Integrated Circuit Design ebook cover
Boolean Circuit Rewiring: Bridging Logical and Physical Designs ebook cover
Transient-Induced Latchup in CMOS Integrated Circuits ebook cover
Compact MOSFET Models for VLSI Design ebook cover
SOI Lubistors: Lateral, Unidirectional, Bipolar-type Insulated-gate Transistors ebook cover
Nonvolatile Memory Technologies with Emphasis on Flash ebook cover
Design of Integrated Circuits for Optical Communications ebook cover
High-Speed VLSI Interconnections ebook cover